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This is my new favorite thing.

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When tree branches get in my way

Vine by: Logan Paul

How we manage to cram such genius in 6 seconds is beyond me. This is art.


I am awake but at what price

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#isaac grew up in an abusive household #suffering not only verbal abuse but also physical abuse from his father #shoved into freezers for getting bad grades #getting glass objects thrown at him #black eyes handed out and who knows what else #is once again treated the same way (albeit only once) when Derek kicks him out of his house #(good intentions or not. Let’s forget he never knew why he got kicked out, he just thought he’d done something wrong) #so after all that he equates #do something wrong = get abused/mistreated/hit #which leads to asking one of his closest friends to hit him #because he feels like he betrayed his trust/did something bad #AND THE SHOW TREATS IT LIKE A JOKE #A PUNCHLINE TO A COMEDIC SCENE #and puts scott mccall #who knows about isaac’s history of abuse #and who would never treat anyone like that #history of abuse or not #throwing isaac against walls #jeff davis: fuck you tbh

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after my procedure at the hospital today my doctor tried to explain all of the medications he’s putting me on and i was kind of out of it on pain meds and he goes, “and i’m going to be putting you on some serious steroids, do you have any problems with that?” 

and apparently i looked at my mom and whispered, “i’ll never play major league baseball” and started crying

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I’m crying


I’m crying


Plastic wrap is tin foil for people who hate themselves.

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‘who’s that on your phone wallpaper?’ dONT WORRY